Safety and sanitation

The first lab that we did was cookies and that lab was interesting because, it was our first time cooking together. some challenges we had were, we were all kinda frantic and confused trying to find everything in the drawers, and I hadn’t eaten yet that morning, and when we were almost done the lab, and all we had left to do was clean up, I started feeling lightheaded and nauseous, and I unfortunately had to leave early. some successes we faced in the lab were, we worked well together and I was told the cookies turned out well. It is important to know about safety and sanitation because it makes the kitchen a safe place. Free of bacteria and unsafe situations. You can prevent these situations by making sure to clean up everything and put everything back into the fridge if needed.


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  1. Hey Elise Powell, it’s your very best friend Vanessa. I decided to search up your blog because I don’t really have any other friends. Your cookies look and taste so good. I like the chocolate chip placement within the cookies, it looks very professional. The writing is so good, very poetic and it makes me feel impacted. Thank you for posting this, it really opened my heart to eating these type of cookies. Thank you for posting this.
    From Vanessa.

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