Most Memorable Food Experience

My most memorable food experience was when my family and I went to visit my moms side our family in Trail during Christmas two years ago. My Nonna had made us lots of different kinds of cookies and when we arrived and she had made chicken noodle soup for us to eat once we settled in. For Christmas, we had three dinners. One on Christmas Eve, one on Christmas Day and one on Boxing Day. My Aunts and Uncles made turkey, ham, ravioli, and gnocchi. The food was delicious because it was cooked to perfection. The turkey was moist and the gravy was delicious. The ravioli and gnocchi smelled amazing because they were so flavourful and the perfect texture. This is memorable for me because my family and I don’t travel to see them very often, and all the food was homemade which made it even better. Each dinner, it was me, my mom and dad and sister, my Uncles and Aunts, my Nonna, and all my cousins. We stayed for a week and then came home.

Italian gnocchi