Les Films

Creative Thinking

I made a french poster of the movie “WreIt Ralph” which is known as “Les Mondes de Ralph” in french. I utilized creative thinking by designing the layout of poster, as I had to come up with a way of making it look nice while still including all of the necessary criteria.

Mon Autobiographie


Curricular Competency Reflection

I had to use the strategies of utilizing my vocabulary sheet along with some other worksheets to successfully express myself. I had to use much more simple and basic language in comparison to the words that I would have used if I was writing in English. It was a bit frustrating to be limited in what I could say. It’s understandable that this could a difficult challenge for anyone coming to a foreign country.

Core Competency Reflection

Some skills I have developed to make my creative activities better are learning how to restructure or reword sentences in the situation that I do not have the vocabulary to say it in French. When faced with ambiguity or setbacks, I use my worksheets to advance the development of my ideas. I am so curious about expressing myself in a different language that I am excited to learn more about new vocabulary to make it even better. I can work on communicating more clearly and purposefully in French. I want to work towards this goal because it could be useful, and I will achieve it by practicing my vocabulary.