Favorite Recipe

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

Making and Sharing Reflection

I utilized the drop cookie method for this recipe. In other words, I used a teaspoon to place cookie batter onto the sheet. While this was the first time that I worked with my partner, it went rather well. We communicated efficiently and collaborated together to create a high quality product. I learnt that adding white sugar alongside the brown sugar would make them expand more, and that is useful knowledge because I love wide and flat cookies.

Core Competency Reflection

The ways I communicate while cooking differ from how I communicate at work because during work, we all have our independent tasks that must be completed, and they do not crossover much. However, in the kitchen, we may sometimes have separate tasks but they always unite to create one result. If there is disagreement within the group, I find it helpful to listen respectfully to their opinions. I show others that I truly value their contributions by implementing their ideas into my work. The prompt that I want to improve on is “as an active listener, I notice that I…” To better my skills in that aspect, I want to participate more in class and retain more of the verbal information that is discussed. I want to work on this because I am not an audible learner, and it’s a pretty annoying weakness in some class settings.

Core Competency: Communication

My Digital Photobook

This project involved designing a photobook on Microsoft Word about something that we are interested in. I choose to make mine about certain books that impacted me as a reader because it is a topic that I enjoy. I show that I can communicate purposefully, using forms and strategies I have practiced since I was able to present to the class clearly about a topic that I was familiar with, using strategies that I’ve developed through years of presenting for school. Something that challenged me regarding this core competency is that presenting makes me nervous, especially in front of so many people. This skill is important in daily life because it is crucial to be able to successfully communicate your ideas in both a school setting and a work setting, and this includes in a presenting format since many jobs will require you to speak in front of a group.