Northwest Rebellion Timeline:

My Project:


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1. The majority of it was from a booklet that was given in class, and the rest is from well-known encyclopedias.

2. I used Canva, an example that was used for this project. It was easy and efficient to work with.

3. Yes, maybe it is a bit too simple, but it works.

4. Maybe I would add in more events in the timeline and improve the design.

Industrial Revolution Project

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  1. Finding the problem was a bit hard, but I was able to find the solution afterwards with much more ease.
  2. I didn’t really use a backwards design to be honest, but I was able to wonder about the future and find solutions for current problems.
  3. Not really. The physical design is the same as current dynamite because I could not see a reason to change its appearance. The solution was fine, I suppose.
  4. I would perhaps change what my future solution would be. My current idea is admittedly flimsy.