Kitchen Tools/Appliances

I think that one of the most useful kitchen tools would be a pan. When our Foods Class made Breakfast Hash, we cooked all of our ingredients in a pan. This lab was fun and the dish we made tasted awesome. I think my biggest success with this dish was cutting all of the vegetables properly. I made each vegetable similar size and shape to each other. I think a main challenge in this lab was being sure to cook all the ingredients for the right amount of time, and on the right temperature. We don’t want to overcook the vegetables, making them soggy or burnt, or undercook them, so they’re hard and stale.

I think that at least for this lab, The pan was the most important tool. You can’t make breakfast hash with raw vegetables and potatoes, and the oven just doesn’t cook them the same. Pans are very useful since you can make so much with them. They’re often used for frying eggs, sandwiches, vegetables, and more. They can also be used for making different sauces, like pasta sauce, or even sweet sauce like berry or caramel sauce. It’d be fun to try making something like that.

Fun Facts About Pans

  • Filling a pan with boiled water and some apple peels will remove the rust and stains and add some shine
  • Cast iron pans can be used to cook food over a fire
  • Non-stick pans should usually last about 5 years, but it’s important to stop using if they start to peel



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