English 11 Poetry Reflection

My Poem

This is a poem I created about an inanimate object.

Curricular Competencies Reflection

The purpose of my poem is to bring an object to life to the reader through the use of poetic devices. I used detail to describe the feelings and my thoughts into this poem. My intended audience for this poem is anyone and everyone because we all eat and need nutrients in order to survive and we should stop taking things for granted because many people are not as fortunate as us. A seed is something that brings life to all. They allow us to life and thrive even if we do not deserve it. Something as seemingly simple as a seed is so important to us because it keeps everything going. I used metaphors in order to help the reader picture what I wrote about. The description of the growing process is to help the reader imagine how small the seed starts out to be, but then becomes something extraordinary. I used strong words to emphasize the great significance of a seed.

Creative Thinking Core Competency Reflection

I chose the topic of my poem about thinking about the small things. I first thought about a food or a plant, but I went further and chose a seed because it grows all food. The only problem I have with writing is getting distracted with every little thing, so in order to stay on task I turned off my phone and sat in my room in silence without any distractions until I was happy with what I wrote. I worked hard and thought deeply and came up with a poem that included all of my thoughts about something so important but small like a seed. My poems first section is about a seeds purpose in general, the second section is about the growth of the seed, and the third and last section is about the result of the seed after it has provided me with food and nutrition. The nutrition is what allows my mind to grow and expand which makes my poem unique because it is about the big picture. Next time I might add different senses to my poem in order to describe clearly.


Titration is also known as titrimetry and it is a common method of quantitative chemicals analysis that is used to determine the unknown concentration of an identified analyte. The point of the lab was to titrate a hydrochloric acid solution of unknown concentration with sodium hydroxide and to utilize the titration date to calculate the molarity of the hydrochloric acid. This is what the titration was used for in this lab. The endpoint of a titration is when the indicator changes colour. We knew that we reached the end point because the liquid when from clear to a faint pink that lasted for about thirty seconds. Our results were a very faint pink and the final volume of the NaOH was 14.92, the initial volume was 0.13 and the volume used was 14.79.


I listened to instructions in order to know the steps and what to properly do in order to complete the lab successfully. My partner and I communicated well, shared ideas and thoughts about each step before we did anything. We discussed what we would do before we did anything to ensure that there would be no errors made. We made sure to correct each other when it came to measurements or technique within the lab. We could easily ask each other to help with anything such as handing over a tool, wiping something with paper towel, or simply just adjusting the clamp.