Anatomy and Physiology 12 Core Competency Self Assessment

Piggy Dissection!


While Mr. Asano was doing the lab demo for the class to watch an example of a dissection, I payed close attention so that I could do my own dissection with my partner properly. My partner and I worked well together since we were both determined to do a good job. We did not waste any time but instead were very good with knowing how to help each other. If my partner had the blade I would hold the pig in a way that she could correctly cut the part of the pig and vice versa. When her hands were full I would write info down or if I needed to tie the hooves down she would hold the pig up, this way we were very efficient time wise. Communication was key between partners for this lab so that we were both on the same page. It was mostly just paying attention that allowed us to complete this lab so well, we were attentive with each other and communicated well with one another about what was happening next.

Critical Thinking

The oral test was based off of our knowledge of where all the internal parts of the pig were located. We used our text book and other sheets to try to find where most of the parts were. Some were very hard to locate since we needed to move things around quite a bit in order to find the smaller parts. When we weren’t certain on a few of the organs we went online to try to locate them, when that didn’t work we looked further through the text book and images we were given and used process of elimination until we eventually had them all. We then asked Mr. Asano to verify a few of the parts just to ensure we were on the right track.

Social Awareness/Responsibility

Throughout the piggy dissection I participated and asked questions when needed. I also helped my peers around me and encouraged them as we went through the process together. I came into the lab during flex in order to measure the intestines of my pig, and during this time multiple people had asked me for help and I helped them throughout the whole block. One student asked me for help with uncoiling the intestines which I helped with showing them how to cut through the membranes and slowly unravel the intestines. Helping others comes naturally to me and it never feels like a waste of time. I had a positive attitude throughout the entire process.


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