Woodworking Core Competencies

During my stool project a lot of thinking and planning was involved in order to complete the project accurately and successfully. The first step was finding out all the measurements by measuring an example of a stool done previously. I needed to find a piece of wood that fit the pieces with the least amount of waste.

I had to think of what was the next few steps which is breakout. I used the appropriate machines which was needed, then came the harder part which was making all the pieces fit together. I used my knowledge of the project to make the legs successfully fit together. In order for there to be no gaps in between the pieces during the glueing process, I needed to shift things around then tighten the clamps some more. This part was the more frustrating part because things tended to fall since I only have two hands sadly and I could not hold everything all at once. This is where a partner really helped out with holding my pieces so the would not fall and lean over or shift. After the frame was all together, I needed to sand everything to perfection trusting my eyes to sand in the right areas, feel around for roughness then sand some more. I needed to think about whether or not my project needed the roughest grain of sandpaper which it did not since there were no big scratches, so I went ahead and got the less rough sand paper grain.

When the base of my stool was all done I needed to find a fabric that would best suit the colour of the would and the size of my stool. I then needed to wrap my cushion and insure there were no bumps in the fabric especially in the corners which made me pull pinch and pull some more.

My finished stool!

Things that I encountered along the way…

I can experiment with different ways of doing things: while I was covering the cushion with fabric I found out that for the corners just focusing on one side instead of both was much easier and more effect for me. It allowed for the least amount of bumps.

I can explore materials and actions: When learning and trying new things during the steps of making my stool I was not discouraged but instead I actually tried my best which paid off in the long run.

I make my ideas work or change what I am doing: When I cut a rail two short (12 inches instead of 13), I didn’t panic but I instead made two rails 12 inches, while the other two were 13 inches. The only difference this made was that my stool shape was less of a square and more of a rectangle.


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