My Digital Footprint

When I search up my name, all that pops up is my Instagram. I am actually surprised that there isn’t anything else. I don’t use many social media platforms, that may be why.  

An example of something that uses cautious sharing of information that is in my digital footprint is my Instagram. My Instagram is set to private, so that only my followers can see my account. I also make sure that I know everyone that follows me. I don’t post anything that could have a negative impact in my life. I don’t share anything personal like passwords.  

 How might your digital footprint affect your family and friends? 

My digital footprint can allow my family and friends to communicate with me through my social media. They can see how I am doing and check in on me. We can chat and send each other things that we like. We can keep in touch with social media. My digital footprint has a good impact towards my family. 

How might your digital footprint your affect job and career prospects? 

People can see that I am close to my family through my social media. They can see that I take social media seriously and am mature. They can see that I don’t fool around with the internet. All that pops up is my Instagram when I search up my name, so it can’t have a negative impact with my future and career prospects.