My Favourite Food Experience

My favourite food experience was when my mom and I made sugar cookies. It was near Christmas and when I asked my mom if we could make cookies. She suggested sugar cookies and I agreed. We looked for a recipe online that we liked and we started to make them. They turned out better than I thought. The cookies were sweet but not too sweet, they weren’t dry but they were soft. Everyone enjoyed them so I was happy about that.

The Northwest Rebellion of 1885


I knew that my information was reliable because I used a citation machine and I looked at different cites to see if they had the same information. I chose my medium by looking through the different ones that had timelines. I chose canva because it had the most space for paragraphs and looked the neatest in my opinion. It was geared towards my audience because it’s easy to understand and there is a lot of information. I would refine my project in the furture by finding a timeline templated that has seven spots for paragraphs instead of five, so that I can include all seven paragraphs on one page instead of two pages.  

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Industrial Revolution Project


In my project, my innovation was a sewing machine. I was able to identify problems and their solutions. A problem was that the first models were badly advertised, and were not bought by many people. For the solution I wrote that sewing machines were later better advertised and more and more people started to trust them. Another issue was that in the past they costed as much as a car does today. The solution was that as the years passed, they became more common and became cheaper and cheaper.

I didn’t write my project in a backwards design, because for me starting from the past and leading to the future was easier. I have a large imagination so it was easy doing the future part of the project. I feel that I enjoyed it the most. It’s more difficult doing the past paragraph because you have to search for facts from reliable sites. It can be hard to find some good information and put everything in your own words, so I wanted to finish the hardest part and get it done and over with. I identified problems with sewing machines today. Sewing machines are bulky, heavy, and take up space. I bought of an idea of having sewing machines slender, light, but sturdy for the future.

I am satisfied with the design of my project. It has lots of information, neat, and I included pictures to go with the paragraphs. I have headings for every topic and it looks pretty professional. I put lots of effort into this project and it shows just by looking at it. I am satisfied with my solutions, even though the were very hard to find. It was hard to find any solutions and even just finding problems was hard. All the solutions that I found were very general.

I would refine my project in the future by using more sites. It was difficult to find proper sites that were reliable and were specific for my topics. I found many sites that weren’t trustworthy and I couldn’t use them. I spent lots of time, and even asked others to help me find good, proper sites that had genuine information.