Breakfast Recipe

I basically made three recipes, two of which were breakfast, brunch recipes. I didn’t need to take much safety precaution in any of them; just knife, stove, stove and washing my hands after using the meat for sanitation. I followed the recipe exactly how it was originally written and yet I felt like there was something missing in one of them. Overall, I would say the nutrition was super good and healthy as it had lots of minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates and protein and some fat. I chose some ingredients, like grapes and blueberry together because it looked very aesthetic and appealing and I knew both of the ingredients would taste good together. I chose these recipes because they were easy to make and required less time, effort and ingredients. A challenge was when I was trying to cup the brioche buns from the inside, they would either tear up or bend too further down. The product standards were met. My strengths were that I carefully followed every step very carefully. The entire process took me two days, I cut up and mise en place the vegetables one day, and did the cooking the next day. For the cleanup, it didn’t take me that long because there was not a lot of stuff to clean as I kept cleaning up along the way. I didn’t communicate with anyone but I would occasionally ask my mom about how much pepper or salt she would want me to add. I don’t think I will make this recipe again because it takes time and effort even though it’s not a lot. These recipes did not turn out great even after me following the recipe precisely. I would have changed the corn fritters entire recipe if I had to because it turned out really bad.


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