Fashion 12 Core Competency Reflection

Critical and Reflective Thinking:

  • Profile 4: I can access my own efforts and experiences and identify new goals

In fashion class so far I have shown my capability of being able to improve and identify new goals in class by applying new things that I have learned such as fashion definitions and different types of materials and applying my new knowledge on these subjects on my croquis drawings. I have also shown that I can do this by learning from my past drawings and trying to make each new one better and use my new knowledge to improve my drawings.

This is represented by my first croquis drawing and my most recent croquis drawings below:

1st drawing
my drawings now
  • Profile 5: I can gather, select, evaluate, and synthesize information. I consider alternative approaches and make strategic choices

In fashion class I have shown my capability of being able to gather information and create projects based off of what I have learned. In my powerpoint projects for example I have been able to research information and gather information and create projects off of my new knowledge. This is shown in my “Little Black Dress Project” and other projects as well. If I run into trouble I am able to figure out alternative ways to gather my information and create projects

This is represented on my “Little Black Dress Project” below:

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