Spring Rolls

Yesterday in foods class we made spring rolls. We started by thinly cutting up carrots, ginger, garlic, cabbage, peppers, green onions and mushrooms. Once the veggies were chopped we started by putting olive oil in a cast iron pan and then cooking the ginger, garlic and green onion. We then later added in out pork mixture from a few days before. After that we added in the veggies and then cooked everything together before adding in salt, pepper, and soy sauce. Once it was done cooking we spread it flat on a plate so it could cool. We then began to wrap the mixture with spring roll paper, which was somewhat challenging to get it to stick. We also made a paste that we spread along the edges of the spring roll paper when we wrapped them so they would stick together. We heated up a small cast iron pan with enough oil to deep fry them and waited until the oil was really hot. We then cooked two spring rolls at a time until they were brown and crispy on each side. These spring rolls tasted like spring rolls that you would get at a restaurant. They were crispy and they had a great veggie to meat ratio. I would give these a 5/10 for nutrition because they have a lot of oil in them, but they also have tons of veggies and meat. I would make these again but just leave out the mushrooms because I don’t like mushrooms that much.


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