The Most Successful Recipe

The most successful food I ever made in cooking class was probably the Double Chocolate Crinkle Cookies because I made the food very easily compared to the other recipes and the final product of the food was very good. One of the successful moments I had was preparing and making the food in general because me and my partner both knew what we were doing without any problems and we moved very quickly. We probably could’ve finished more faster if me and my partner communicated a little more. I also think me and my partner made our dough very well because the cookie’s surfaces was completely smooth with no holes or cracks and the cookies turned out soft, almost in perfect circle. Our cookies defiantly met the product standards because it looked and tasted very appealing as it should and they all had similar shapes and sizes. The cookies tasted mostly like chocolates and felt soft. They had a very faint smell of chocolate, but I couldn’t smell anything strong. The cookies looked very appealing especially after their Halloween decoration. They were almost in a perfect circle and had a smooth texture. I didn’t have any big challenges to overcome but me and my partner did have trouble getting a big chunk of dough off of the electric mixer, so we had to use a fork and a rubber spatula to get the dough out. I am very proud of the fact that I, and my partner was the one who made the cookies. I was expecting the cookies to look a little crumbled, but I was very happy when they turned out nicely. This is probably one of the best looking food I have ever created so far. A new method I used to make the cookies was the Rolled Cookie method. I did not use any new method or equipment when making the cookies.


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