Homemade California Rolls

My Reflection

Sushi was very unexpected for our foods class because we had never done anything like this before. I believe it is safe to say everybody (including Ms.Bolli) loved this lab! It was not as hard as I thought it would be. The only thing I wasn’t expecting was how sticky the rice was and how hard it was to put on the seaweed evenly everywhere because it kept sticking to my hands. When I was eventually able to spread the rice everywhere and evenly, I was able to slice up the cucumbers very thinly, and Ms.Bolli had the crab mixture for us. Once I placed a small amount of filling at the end of the rice covered seaweed, I was ready to roll my sushi. The rolling went pretty smooth, the seaweed didn’t stick to the rolling mat cover in plastic wrap. Once we watched a video on how to roll the sushi, it made a lot more sense and I was able to roll the sushi tightly in one try. I would love to make this sushi again because it was so much fun and I really enjoyed this. The sushi tasted so good and was very delicious.


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