Final Meal

I planned for my meal to be strong in flavour, enticing with smell, and containing a satisfying texture. My meal ended up with all the appropriate textures, and all the flavours worked well together to make an excellent combination. Practically everything was how I wanted it to be, but perhaps I would add additional flavoring to some of the dishes because they were just the slightest bit weak. I showed strength in the skills of perseverance and improvisation because when I accidentally burnt the garlic for the garlic prongs, I was able to figure out how to save it without causing any more problems. I believe the greatest connection that this meal has to my personal and cultural identity is that all of the recipes were taught to me by my mother, therefore they were family recipes.

Clam Chowder

The dish I made this week was clam chowder. The broth of the soup was smooth while the clams themselves were soft and easily chew-able. There was no written recipe for this, but instead I followed verbal instructions. I don’t think I would change anything next time. The challenge I faced was having to learn how to skin a potato with a knife. However, it was also my greatest success and what I was most proud of since it was a new skill.