Word is a word processer that enables users to create professional-quality documents, reports, letters, resumes, and more. Microsoft Word has features including spell check, grammar check, text and font formatting, HTML support, image support, advanced page layout and more.

  • Create documents
  • Write essays, reports, letters etc.
  • Spell and grammar check
  • Many fonts and sizes to choose from
  • Can add HTML and images
  • Has a wide variety of layouts to choose from (ex. resume, MLA style, APA style)
  • Can access documents from mobile or pc
  • Only one person can work on a section of a Word document at a time

Tutorials to get you started on Word

Microsoft Word Tips

Copy, paste and cut keyboard shortcuts: Ctrl+C to copy, Ctrl +V to paste, Ctrl +X to cut 2. Use Smart Lookup to search the internet: When you highlight a word or a sentence and right click it, you'll find Smart Lookup, this allows you to to have a quick shortcut to...