Welcome to the CENT CHATBOT!

Meet Eden! The chatbot Centennial’s Tech Leadership has designed to answer your questions immediately!

However, please understand that Eden is only able to answer a limited number of questions at the moment, we will be expanding our list of questions in the future !

Instructions on How to Use the Chatbot

Below are a list of question Eden is able to answer at the moment, the questions are organized by category!

Once you find your question from the list, you can ask Eden the question by entering the number below!

Questions about Edublog:

1. How can I log into Edublog?

2. How can I embed in Edublog?

3. How can I post on Edublog?

4. How can I customize my Edublog page?

Questions about Office 365:

5. How can I log into Office 365 online?

6. How can I gain access to OneNote?

7. How can I gain access to Word online?

8. How can I gain access to Powerpoint online?

9. How can I gain access to Outlook (student email)?

Questions about Wifi:

10. How can I gain access to Wifi on my phone?

11. How can I gain access to Wifi on my laptop/computer?

12. What should I do if my Wifi is still not working?

Questions about Powerpoint:

13. What is Powerpoint?

14. How do I use Powerpoint?

Questions about OneNote:

15. What is OneNote?

16. How do I use OneNote?

Questions about Canva:

17. What is Canva?

18. How do I use Canva?

Questions about Simple Booklet:

19. What is Simple Booklet?

20. How do I use Simple Booklet?

Questions about Prezi:

21. What is Prezi?

22. How do I use Prezi?

Questions about Piktochart:

23. What is Piktochart?

24. How do I use Piktochart?

Questions about Pixton:

25. What is Pixton?

26. How do I use Pixton?

Questions about Venngage:

27. What is Venngage?

28. How do I use Venngage?

Start by saying hi or hello to Eden!

To end the chatbot, enter “thanks”!

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Coding & System Design- Savanna Pan

Eden Design- Delia Pan

Q & A – Sona Han