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Goodnotes tips 1

Here are some tips that may be useful when using Goodnotes!

Change colour of drawing/handwriting

lasso tool -> tap -> colour -> pick colour

Resize writing/drawing

lasso tool -> tap -> resize -> move accordingly 

Search for writing/text

search button -> type word

Perfect shapes

draw a shape -> hold until thicker lines form -> move according to size

Change handwriting to text

lasso tool -> tap -> press convert -> copy and paste to where you want

Setting up your Display

Your laptop or pc screen, comes all good to go on default. However there are a few things you can customize to your liking.

Set Refresh Rate/Resolution(external monitors)

External monitors can be advertised as 144hz and 4k, but they won’t actually run at said settings. You’ve got to change that.

Head in to Settings>System>Display. Under “Scale and Layout”, you can change your displays resolution.

To change the refresh rate, go under “Multiple Displays”. select advanced display settings.

Here you can select your specific display and set the proper refresh rate.

Saturation/RGB/Advanced settings.

More settings can be found in your graphics card’s control panel

Depending on if you run intel graphics, nvidia graphics, or amd graphics, this process will look different. However the main process is similar, if not exactly the same. I have an nvidia card, so I will be showing the process through Nvidia.

Right click any empty space on your desktop, and click “Nvidia Control Panel.”

For amd users, the software will be named “AMD Radeon Settings.”
For intel users, it’s “Intel Graphics Settings.”

Once Nvidia Control Panel has opened, on the left hand task bar you can see a dozen different tabs for you to navigate through for your display. The most important one here, is “Adjust Desktop Color settings”. Here, you can entirely change the way your display represents colours.

For Intel and AMD users the process is fairly similar. If you are still having trouble navigating through your system, or the software, click the following links.

Video on Intel Display settings.

AMD Radeon Settings Support page


You’ve probably heard of VPN’s every now and then, but have you really looked into what they are, and why they’ve risen in popularity? Look no more, I’m here to tell you what’s up.

What is a VPN?

VPNS(Virtual Private Networks) are applications that encrypt your internet traffic for your own security. This makes your actions online virtually untraceable by creating a private network tunnel from a public internet connection. VPN service establish secure connections to provide the upmost privacy and security in a day and age where online privacy and cybercrime can become a worry.

Why Should I have a VPN?

Think of any time you’ve used the internet, even now as you’re reading this. Surfing the web or interacting on WI-FI networks mean you could be exposing private information and browsing habits. Ever seen an ad for something you just recently searched up? That’s no coincidence.

1. Security on conventional Public WI-FI

Public WI-FI, although convenient, aren’t exactly safe. Actually, they’re not safe at all. With Public WI-FI, convenience comes at the expense of security. Whether you’re shopping on the web, answering emails, or going through social media, there’s a chance someone could quite easily track your online activity.

2. Privacy

Privacy, is the big one here.

Your ISP(Internet Service provider) is the company behind the internet in your home. Since they’re in charge, they get access to everything related to your internet service. Yep, that means they can see exactly what you’ve been doing with your internet. Your ISP can access all of your internet data, they can see when, where, what, and how your browse the internet. Although, in Canada ISPs are legally not allowed to sell your data without your consent.. however that doesn’t exactly mean what you think it does. De-identified data, data that is stripped of your personal info, is still shared with others. The problem is, companies can rearrange the pieces along side other data to find out who you are. If you’ve got some privacy issues with other companies, a VPN is a great investment.

It’s no surprise the government gets ahold of your data too, even though it’s outlined in laws that ISPs can’t sell data, it ends up in the governments hands one way, or another. If governmental control, overeach, or just all out privacy is a worry for you, invest!

3. Security on the go

VPN’s don’t have to be active in one place at one time. You’re homes internet is infinitely safer than a public network, but that’s only in one area. VPNS are connected to your device. Bring your device where ever you want, it’s got your back.

4. Unlimited Streaming Access

Streaming services are arguably more popular than standard cable TV. Thing is, in some cases, certain content can only be streamed in certain countries. You might want to watch something available in Paris, but you live in Canada. Don’t worry, by using a VPN you can change your IP address to anywhere the service provides, allowing yourself to stream content that wouldn’t usually be available.

5. Ease of Use

All things considered, they’re simply so easy to use. Yes, it’s a subscription, but if any of the prior points mean anything to you then the fee is worth the investment.

Best VPNS to consider

All things considered, here are some of the best VPNs.

Nord VPN

I think we’ve all heard of Nord VPN at some point, and that’s not for no reason.

Nord VPN boasts

  • The Fastest Speeds on the Market
  • Strict No logs Policy (they don’t want your data!)
  • 5100+ Servers world wide
  • No bandwidth limit
  • Split Tunnels
  • 24/7 support
  • Maximum security servers
  • Kill Switch for emergencies
  • 6 Simultaneous devices

For more information, read what they have to say on their site.

Express VPN

Express VPN is similar if not indifferent with Nord VPN.

  • Incredibly Fast speeds
  • 3000+ Servers across the world
  • No bandwidth limit
  • Premium top tier 24/7 support
  • Kill Switch for emergencies
  • Split tunnels
  • Minimal latency delay while gaming
  • No logs Policy
  • 5 Simultaneous devices

For more information, read what they have to say on their site.

How to use ShareX!

ShareX is a screenshot tool created to make taking screenshots more efficient. Another alternative is lightshot, however I believe ShareX is a greater tool with better personalization.


  1. Go to . You should be directed to a home page that looks like this.

2. Click the download button. A setup file should appear at the bottom of your browser.

The download button is located near the top. There is also a downloads sub-category if you would like to download previous versions!
Here’s the setup file.

3. Open the setup file by clicking the file, or right click and hit “open”.

4. You will now be prompted to go through the very simple installation process. Go through the steps instructed on the screen, and you’ll have ShareX downloaded in seconds!

Getting to know ShareX

ShareX should pop up on your screen. If not, it may be minimized in the background. To open the application, left click the arrow on the right of your taskbar. This should open your minimized application tray, where you’ll see ShareX.

There it is! Top row in the middle.

Right click the ShareX icon. You’ll see a tray pop up with many ready to go options such as screen shot, record, create gifs, and more. We’re going to click open main window.

Here’s the homepage for ShareX. In the middle, you can see some key hotkeys that can be used to do different things The most useful one in my opinion, is capture region.

Capture Region

Capture region allows you to select a portion of your screen to screenshot. That way, you don’t have to crop the picture later after you’ve taken it!

Screen Recording

Screen recording… is rather straight forward. ShareX will prompt you to select a portion of the screen you would like to record, and it will start recording! To stop recording, press the assigned hotkey again, or click the stop button underneath the region you are recording.

Screen Recording (GIF)

Recording a gif with ShareX works the exact same way as normal screen recording, except… it will be turned into a gif file.

After Capture Tasks

If you use ShareX and take a screenshot, there are a few things you can tell ShareX to do after you’ve taken the screenshot. To check out your options, on the side bar of the application you will see a subheader called After Capture tasks. Clicking it will open up this menu with a list of the many things you can tell ShareX to do after screenshotting.

Right now, I have Copy Image to Clipboard, and Save Image to File toggled on. This means ShareX will save my screenshot as a file within my screenshot folder, and it will also copy the image to my clipboard so that I can simply paste the picture wherever I want to share it!

After Upload Tasks

After taking a screenshot, video, or gif with ShareX, you can tell ShareX to upload the file to an online host. These hosts such as imgur, pastebin, streamable host your file so that you can share it easily with others. All you have to do is copy the link to your file on their site, and send it!

1. To do this, you’ll first want to start by sending your file to a host. Click the Destinations subheader on the sidebar. A menu will pop up with the current hosts that ShareX will send each type of file to. Change them as you wish!

If you want ShareX to upload the file to a host with your own account for that host, click on Destination Settings. EX: i want to upload to imgur with my imgur account, Im going to hit destination settings and log in to imgur from there!

2. After choosing your hosts, you want to go to After Upload Tasks in the sidebar and click Copy URL to clipboard. This copies the link to your file, on the hosts website.

There are also a few more options. Play around with them.

3. Now ShareX will upload any videos or files to the host, and copy the link. But it won’t work for images just yet. To get this to work with images, go to After Capture Tasks and hit Upload Image to Host.

By default, ShareX does not send an image to a host because the image will be on your computer regardless. That’s why you need to change it!

And these are the basics to ShareX. There’s a lot more in this program, so explore!

How to save and reuse elements on Goodnotes

Instead of copy and paste, there is a new and efficient way to reuse elements; elements such as stickers, diagrams, text, calligraphy, and more. You can use them across all notebooks in Goodnotes and it is fairly simple.

Below is a step-by-step tutorial.

1. Create the element you want to save.

2. Select the element using the lasso tool and click ‘add element’.

3. Add to a collection or create a new one.

4. Click on the sticker icon to access the element.

Here is a short video on how this works.

The Wonders of Online Shopping

How does access to the internet affect consumer behaviour? Let’s find out!

Useful Google Chrome Extensions

1. LastPass

LastPass is a password manager that auto-fills in passwords for all of the accounts you save with this extension. You only have to remember one password: your LastPass password. This saves you time, headaches, and increases the security of your personal data.


2. Pinterest

This extension allows you to easily save items onto your Pinterest boards without navigating away from what you’re doing. What’s neat about this tool is that it shows you multiple pinnable items available on each website so you can save more than one item to your board at a time. (Normally, you would have to click into each blog post or image in order to separately pin each to your boards individually.)

Pinterest Chrome extension

3. OneTab

When you conduct research for a piece of content, it’s easy to get swamped in multiple open tabs with great resources you want to cite. The trouble is, once it comes time to write and refer back to the sources, it’s hard to navigate between all of the tabs. Luckily, OneTab lets you put multiple different URLs into a single tab for easy reference.

4. Momentum

Momentum is a simple Chrome extension that replaces blank new tabs with beautiful photography, inspiring quotes, weather reports, and a space for you to write down a priority for the day when you open up your browser for the first time. 


5. Ublock Origin

Ublock Origin is as good blocking on chrome gets. It blocks, quite literally everything. By default, Ublock blocks ads, tracking malware, and blocks any online malicious urls. Everything in Ublock is customizable to your liking, filter lists, filter rules, trusted sites, general privacy and behaviour settings, and some quality of life.


In this day and age, you’ve probably heard of honey. Honey finds free coupons for you during checkout for thousands of sites… it sounds fake but…. it isn’t! It also checks for the same item on different sites to get you the best price! Why pass on an opportunity to save money?

There’s the honey analytics on the right, for the cable I am viewing on amazon. Honey also will find and apply coupons during checkout!

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