Chicken Mozzarella Marinara with Spaghetti

I chose this recipe because it was perfect for my family as we already had the ingredients to make this dish. For my chicken I had to cut them in half as they were to big and would be too much for one person and would have taken a really long time to cook. I laid each one out and covered it with mozzarella cheese then marinara sauce and toping it of with parmesan cheese. When the time that was left was the same as the amount to cook the spaghetti, I put the pasta on so that everything would be done at the same time.

I give this 5 stars because I worked hard and did it all in good time and I had confidence and didn’t need to ask any questions.

Irish Soda Bread

I made this Irish soda bread to go with my moms stew. I really enjoyed making it because it had no yeast and I didn’t have to wait for the bread to rise before cooking it. This bread is normally sweeter, which it was so it went really well with the stew. I found since the bread was thicker it was able to pick up a lot of liquid! what I really wanted it to be was golden on the outside and soft in the inside.I would make this again sometime as it was delicious.

I did five out of five stars as the bread turned out how I wanted to and I had everything I needed prepared and had it ready in time to eat.

Leek and Potato Soup

I was really happy to make this soup as it is one of my favourites. This was my first time working with leaks, I had to make sure I got all the dirt out of the layers of it, I also had to peel the potatoes. From the leaks and potatoes I was really able to work on my knife skills. for the soup I added chicken broth. To make the soup the consistency I wanted had to use a immersion blender, after that I added cream to make it creamy.

I’m giving myself five stars because I was confident in my cooking and myself, I was also able to get everything the way I wanted it too.

Chicken Korma Curry With Rice

I’ve eaten curry lots of times, but this time when I made it I got to try out something new. This time I added chickpeas and made the onions bigger than I usually like them. For the chicken I chopped it up into nice small pieces and cooked that first with the onion and garlic. I then made the sauce and added in the chickpeas and left it on simmer after coming to a boil. my goal was this meal to have a really nice aroma and colour. really enjoyed this recipe as it was something new and something I can make over and over again in the future. m

I’m giving myself five stars out of five because I was on task and the meal turned out exactly how I wanted it to.

Welsh Cakes

I decided to make welsh cakes for breakfast and my family. In them I added dried black currants which made them taste really good. when I was making them I made them in a big bowl, but later I realized it wasn’t to good because it was too narrow and not wide enough. Since the bowl wasn’t wide enough the butter didn’t get mixed in enough, and some cakes had more or less than others. What also made these more complicated was the fact that my parents have never made them either, so I couldn’t get as much help if I needed it. The final product of these were really yummy, and my mom and I really enjoyed eating them. since I made so many by making them small, we had enough to freeze which was perfect because then we could take them out in the next mornings and heat them up for breakfast.

I’m giving myself 4 stars cause they turned out well and tasty but there were a few hiccups along the way.

Pork Chops with Mushroom Soup Rice

This was my first grade 12 meal. I made this meal for when my mom came back from her trip, so it could be yummy but also easy to eat. The first thing I had to do was put on the rice, for this I had to rinse it first. Then I cooked the pork once the pork was fully cooked I added mushroom soup. During this meal I got to use my knife skills with the carrots. Although this meal was a simple one I got to practice my skills and it tasted great.

I give myself 5 stars because I was proficient at my preparations and had good time management.