My Most Challenging Foods Lab

Out of the many foods labs I have done there have been a few challenging ones. All of them not horribly bad but, some had a few hiccups along the way. In my opinion the vanilla cupcakes were the most challenging for me. Not necessarily because the process was hard but just because the outcome was not as I was hoping and it did not taste how I imagined. The making of the cupcakes didn’t go easy but it definitely wasn’t hard. The cake part of the cupcake turned out OK but the icing definitely wasn’t as I was hoping. The icing was not as sweet as I intended it to be and I think I had added too much vanilla. My group had to same consensus about this as I did, we all had a fair about to not waste that much but we were still left with quite a bit because the taste was just not up to what we were hoping. I also say that this was one of my most challenging labs because that day (I’m pretty sure) I had just switched partners again and the teamwork wasn’t amazing. As I said this lab wasn’t very difficult but the turnout just was not as I hoped and that was why I said it was my most challenging lab.


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