Core Competency Goal Setting

An example of something I have spent a lot of time learning about is…

Something I have learned a lot about is wood work. I took wood 10 last year because I wanted to learn how to make things using my hands and materials. I learned quite a bit in one semester and I also decided to take it this year. This semester woodwork class started off more smoothly and I could really see the progress I had made from last year. I could tell I was far more ahead and could understand instructions much more easily then before. Help was also needed less and I could be more independent using all the machines and tools.

Others find my feedback useful because I…

I am a very open and understanding person so people see me as someone who is easy to talk to. Judging is something I cannot do because I don’t think that anyone has the right to judge anyone other then themselves. I also consider myself a pretty honest person so I tell it how it is for the good of the other person. Honest feedback is the best feedback because it can actually help someone to improve on something. I am also a calm and patient person, which make up the qualities of being a great listener.

Some of the ways I work to build and maintain relationships are…

Communication is very important in all relationships because we need to let each other know how we are actually feeling so that we can improve and build upon that relationship. If a friend does not feel included they should say how they are feeling to the other so that something can actually be fixed. I have recently worked on telling people what I really want and am feeling and it had definitely made a big difference and helped my relationships to become even closer. Friends should also trust one another so just as I put my trust in my friends, they out put their trust in me.


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