Stock Market

Curricular Response

stocks vs bonds

A) stocks are buying a part of the company and a bond is lending to a company

B) stocks tend to have a way better reward but its way more risky sometimes stocks could be a gamble. on the other hand bonds have a much lower reward but it has a low risk


A) the connection between the risk and return is that stocks have a higher reward but higher risk and bonds have lower reward and lower reward

B) the ways to mitigate risk from the stock market are one take advantage of market flows like buying the stock when its at its lowest or when it crashes, two choosing the easiest stocks to invest in. three is to review your process.


A) a well balance portfolio means having both stocks and bonds usually people have a 50/50 portfolio or a 60% stocks and 40% bonds

B) Rebalancing is changing an asset allocation in a portfolio to bring it back in line with the initial allocation determined by an investor’s risk and reward profile. rebalancing is good because it ensures that you have a mixed investments and enables you to sustain your selected degree of risk over time.

Core Competency Self Assessment

  1. all the info I used was from a OneNote and I didn’t use any other sites but i watched a YouTube video
  2. investing has become more approachable concept for me because I love money
  3. the one thing I learned was about bonds at first I didn’t know what bonds were then i found out that its pretty good for a side thing

Core Competency Self-Assessment

Reflection on Collaboration and Conflict Resolution


I think I can collaborate pretty well in groups because I can get along with other people easily

usually I like to avoid small conflicts but if its a big conflict I would usually go for Accommodating the other person or the group because I don’t want to have fights over things

I think the one thing I could improve on is my Listening skill because usually I just talk to the other person to just make them get other the conflict and not listen to what the want to say

math 9 Core Competencies

I can reflect on my thinking when I do math. if I’m ever stuck on something I usually do the question a few times then go back to break down what I do in step by step then if I still don’t get the answer I would ask the person right next to me asking him for some feedback and ask him if I did it right or not. if the person next to me and I both don’t get it or have the answer then I would go ask the teacher after getting help I walk back to my desk and check on my work and reflect on based on the question steps. I really like math class because its better then middle school math and it feels better