“Healthy” Chicken Nuggets Home Lab

For dinner yesterday I wanted to make a balanced and somewhat healthy meal. I chose to make baked chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes and asparagus. With the current situation of grocery stores being somewhat empty, I challenged myself to use the ingredients that I already had at home. I chose to make these baked chicken nuggets because I made them in Foods 9 and my family loved them so much. They are a healthier version because they are baked, not fried. I coated them in a honey garlic BBQ sauce (to replace the egg), and panko bread crumbs. I love mashed potatoes as a side dish and thought they would go well with the chicken nuggets. I added some garlic powder to them for some extra flavour. I wanted to add a veggie to this dish so I used the asparagus that I had in my fridge. I cook at home all the time and I enjoyed making this for my family, and they enjoyed me making it for them!


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