For this lab I made homemade wraps for my family and I for dinner. There is no recipe for this meal because it is a very straightforward process. First, I cut up onions, peppers, and a clove of garlic and cooked them in a pan until the onions started to brown. Then I added in the ground pork and cooked it until it was a dark brown. I added paprika, chilli powder, salt, pepper, and oregano and let it sit for a few minutes. For the condiments, I cut up lettuce and tomato, shredded the cheese, and used olives as well. My goal for this lab was for there to be lots of flavour in the wraps, but not an overpowering amount. I was successful during this lab because there was lots of flavour in the wraps, and the process when I was making them was simple and straightforward. A challenge I faced was that the process turned out to be longer than I planned it to be, so next time I would start cooking earlier. I would definitely make this again for my family.


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