Show and Tell Presentation Reflection and Self-Assessment

Curricular Response

I believe that the greatest strength of my presentation was that I’m passionate about the topic. As such, I was able to keep the class engaged with my positive energy. Also, I was capable of answering any questions that students had regarding the presentation. Next time, something that I might do differently is include stronger activities for class participation. The thing that I did was pretty much the same as everybody else’s. Therefore, it did not stand out.

Core Competency Self-Assessment

I chose a show that I was already interested so I did not have to do much research for that part of it. However, I did make sure that I got the technical aspects of my topic correct. As such, I searched up some trivia regarding my topic. I collected information by utilizing the majestic search engine referred to as “google.” This was pretty effective, and not time consuming. I appreciated that part of it.