Favorite Recipe

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

Making and Sharing Reflection

I utilized the drop cookie method for this recipe. In other words, I used a teaspoon to place cookie batter onto the sheet. While this was the first time that I worked with my partner, it went rather well. We communicated efficiently and collaborated together to create a high quality product. I learnt that adding white sugar alongside the brown sugar would make them expand more, and that is useful knowledge because I love wide and flat cookies.

Core Competency Reflection

The ways I communicate while cooking differ from how I communicate at work because during work, we all have our independent tasks that must be completed, and they do not crossover much. However, in the kitchen, we may sometimes have separate tasks but they always unite to create one result. If there is disagreement within the group, I find it helpful to listen respectfully to their opinions. I show others that I truly value their contributions by implementing their ideas into my work. The prompt that I want to improve on is “as an active listener, I notice that I…” To better my skills in that aspect, I want to participate more in class and retain more of the verbal information that is discussed. I want to work on this because I am not an audible learner, and it’s a pretty annoying weakness in some class settings.

Show and Tell Presentation Reflection and Self-Assessment

Curricular Response

I believe that the greatest strength of my presentation was that I’m passionate about the topic. As such, I was able to keep the class engaged with my positive energy. Also, I was capable of answering any questions that students had regarding the presentation. Next time, something that I might do differently is include stronger activities for class participation. The thing that I did was pretty much the same as everybody else’s. Therefore, it did not stand out.

Core Competency Self-Assessment

I chose a show that I was already interested so I did not have to do much research for that part of it. However, I did make sure that I got the technical aspects of my topic correct. As such, I searched up some trivia regarding my topic. I collected information by utilizing the majestic search engine referred to as “google.” This was pretty effective, and not time consuming. I appreciated that part of it.

Core Competency Self-Assignment

Social Responsibility & Awareness in BCA 12

I demonstrated social responsibility and awareness when I was playing a game of Telestration with my class. It demonstrated that I can interact with others and the environment respectfully and thoughtfully. Through that game, I was able to build a positive connection with my class because we found amusement in what we were drawing. It helped strengthen the relationship between my classmates and me since we were sharing a bit of ourselves in those pictures. We valued the diversity in our perspectives that led to each of us creating a different interpretation of the original word that was used, and we were all respectful of the art that each person created. This resulted in the classroom feeling like an inclusive place for everybody, and helped us sustain healthy relationships with each other. From this activity, I learnt how to work with people that were not familiar to me. This is important because there are many times in life when you have to do something with someone that you do not know well.


The dish I made for this week’s assignment was pizza. The crust was just the right amount of crunchy, and the cheese melted pleasantly i n your mouth. This tradition of home-made pizza only started a couple of years ago. It reminds me of the fact that my family’s origins are fully Italian. The best part of this tradition would be the great tasting pizza. One challenge was kneading the dough properly, but that was an easy fix after I was taught the correct technique. My greatest success and thing that I was most proud of would be how delicious it turned out.

Accidentally ate some before remembering to take a photo, oops!

Roast Beef

One of the dishes that I cooked this week was roast beef. This dish had a lovable texture that just melted in your mouth. There was also the familiar and enticing smell of cooked meat. I did not use a recipe; instead, I was given verbal instructions. Honestly, I don’t think I would change anything for this dish. I really enjoyed it. There wasn’t any particular challenges either. My greatest success, and thing I’m most proud of, would have to be that aforementioned texture, as that is exactly how I like my meat.

Garlic Potatoes

One of the dishes I made this week were garlic potatoes. They had a faint scent of garlic, which was what I used for flavoring. The texture was crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. I did not need a recipe for this dish as it was quite easy to make. If I were to make these potatoes again, I would add more garlic. I love garlic, and as such, it was my opinion that there was not enough to impact the taste all that much. Due to this recipe being pretty straight forward, there were no challenges that I can think of. My greatest success, and also the thing that I am most proud of, would have to be making something that I liked using potatoes, which is a type of food that I’m not the most found of.

Most Memorable Food Experience

“An Image of a Bunch of Churros.” Spend With Pennies, 20 Dec. 2018, https://www.spendwithpennies.com/churros/.

My most memorable experience with food was after my friend and I attempted to make these wonderful treats. What resulted from this decision was a disaster. Perhaps our first mistake was using a recipe from Tik Tok. The intelligence of this move is debatable, but you got to try everything once. The issue we ran into while baking was inadequate preparation. Halfway into the recipe, we discovered that we didn’t have the right pot to fry the churros. If that wasn’t bad enough, we also ran out of suitable oil. What we ended up using was a mixture of various oils; ranging from vegetable oil to olive oil, and still we were lacking. In the end, the churros did not fry properly so we were left with half-baked and doughy bread-sticks. This tragic story has left it’s mark on me. How I didn’t get food poisoning, I still don’t know.

Favorite Website

Reddit is my favorite website because it is an excellent time waster, you can create an account and customize it to your liking by following certain subreddits. There is something for anyone, whether that be football or anime. Neither of which I’m interested in, but somebody sure is, and there’s definitely things for me too. Link:

Important Events On My Birthday

There are numerous things that occurred on the same date of my birthday years and years ago, some of these include Michael Servetus being burned for heresy in Switzerland in 1553, Emperor Napoleon entering Berlin in 1809, and Benjamin O. Davis Jr. becoming the first African-American general in the US Air Force in 1954. Side note, Scotiabank is really interested in my account if the ads on the site say anything.