Have you ever had a moment, when you needed to do a couple of quick adjustments to a picture, but the basic editor on your phone wasn’t enough? Well, here’s a quick, online photo editor that doesn’t require signing up, but has almost all functions of Photoshop.

The editor is online, it automatically saves all of your projects even without signing up for an account.

It is easy to use, if you hover over any tool, you can see a short description and the keyboard shortcut for this tool. most shortcuts are the same as the ones in Photoshop.

The layout is simple and has all the useful areas.
The layers have a set of buttons and switches to toggle. To open them, simply left-click the layer or click on the three dots on the layer.

Pixlr had many colour-editing options as well as simple transformational tools. If you need to edit a picture quickly, then head to: