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Teams Notification Repost

Video shows how to check your Teams notifications on your desktop
Video shows how to check your Teams notifications on your phone / tablet

Recording on PowerPoint

This video shows how to use the record function on PowerPoint

By : Lea-Mae Peligrino

Split Screening Tutorial

This video shows how to split screen on a computer and includes ways to use it.

Tech Tip – Tips for Searching on Google

Filtering your Feed on Teams

Tech Tip – Improving Typing Speed

Now that we are doing most of our assignments online, one might want to improve their typing speed and ability. Not to mention that, this skill will probably be used in your future, either in school or work.

This post will have multiple ways to improve your typing speed.

  • helps build a foundation for all learners
  • allows extra practice for problem keys
  • has tests and games for practice


  • has practice and race mode
  • you are able to race privately with friends in a closed race
  • accounts are not needed, but if you want to see your history then you would need to open one

  • has tutorials, test and games
  • child friendly design

Presenting on Teams

This is a guide to how to share your screen or PowerPoint on Teams

Tech Tip – Google Services

Google Keep

Can be used to set reminders on your phone or desktop. also can be used to create to-do lists and notes.

Google Doc

Much like Word, google doc has similar features, but a different format. As it is a online platform, you are able to sync it with multiple devices . In my opinion the best feature is the ability to convert the doc easily into a PDF or other formats. Another cool feature is being able to have multiple people edit the doc at the same time.

Google Slides

Just like google docs, google slides is very similar to PowerPoint, not to mention that you are able to convert the slide into a PowerPoint once you are done.

Google Drive

If you used all the storage in your onedrive account, you can get 15 GB of storage with google drive. Since it is a part if the google ecosystem, your google docs and slides will be automatically saved into your drive.


This video shows you how to comment on Edublog.

By : Lea-Mae Peligrino

Shared Folders Overview

This video is just a quick overview of what shared folders are and how you would use them, hopefully it helps.

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