Waffles & Crepes

This was our first mini lab test. We made crepes and waffles with a blueberry compote. We only had three people in our group for this lab so I worked on the waffles and my partners made the crepes together. The waffles were fairly simple to make because I had made them in the past, so those I finished early and let the stay warm in the oven. I washed the dishes and cleaned up as much as i could since I had finished early while my partners were still working on the crepes and sauce. They let me pour a few crepes into the pan as well, they cook very fast because of how then they are!

I gave myself a 4 out of 5 on this lab because I contributed to my group as much as I could and did extra because I finished early. However, I over cooked my waffles, which wasn’t a big deal, but it would of been better if they were cooked to their right amount. Overall, I enjoyed this lab and it was a great recipe for a sweet breakfast

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