Chicken Salad Sandwich

In this lab test we got to make chicken salad sandwiches our own way. My sandwich was inspired by a Waldorf style salad. A Waldorf salad includes nuts, fruits and a type of cheese. Therefore, in my sandwich I had apple, grapes, feta, walnuts and avocado. I made a dressing the included mayo, lemon juice, honey and Dijon mustard. It was very different from a classic chicken salad sandwich but it was delicious and I definitely would make it again.

I gave myself a 5 on this lab because it was my first time ever cooking chicken and I cooked it perfectly. It wasn’t under or overcooked, it was nice and moist as it should be. I had an out of the box idea and wasn’t sure how it would turn out, so it was very brave of me to try something so different because usually I don’t like to try new things.

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