Computer Programming 11 Final Reflection

Throughout this course, we have explored many topics within computer programming, more specifically in the language of Python. In Unit 7, however, we discovered how to use Circuit Playground devices with Arduino. In this Unit, an assignment that particularly challenged and intrigued me was the “mini project” assignment, in which we were required to make an application utilizing a minimum of 3 of the board’s features. For my project, I decided to simple ‘Sun detector’, which would display red Neo Pixels when placed in areas with increased brightness and temperature (hence detecting a sun-like object), and display blue Neo Pixels when placed in areas with lower brightness and temperature. To do this, I used the temperature sensor, light sensor, and neo pixels output display methods. I began by researching the ways I could input these features into my project, and how they could be as useful as possible. Originally, I set the minimum temperature detection to be 20 degrees, but realized that the room was much colder than that, and reset it to 10 degrees, which seemed to be just right. In the process of creating the project, however, I did not remember to add proper commenting and documentation, which is something that I would like to take away from this project. Always plan your code out, and make things as easy to read and interpret as possible!

I can experiment with different ways of doing things.
I can explore materials and actions.
I can implement, monitor, and adjust a plan and assess the results.


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