Active Health Unit Core Competency Reflection

An example of one of my daily lifestyle trackers, in which I had a very good amount of exercise, excellent nutrition, and very good hydration throughout the day.

An example of a plate of food with a variety of fruits and vegetables, plenty of protein rich foods, and excellent whole grain options.

Considering my daily lifestyle tracker, I feel that I exceled at eating very nutritious food and burning the required amount of calories through various intensive physical activities. On the rest aspect, I am confident that I consistently get a good amount of sleep every night (usually 8-9 hours). For possible improvements, I think that I can work on being more social, especially with those I am unfamiliar with. Additionally, I can incorporate different types of sports into my exercising routine, rather than solely focusing on ‘racquet sports’. During this unit, I demonstrated the core competency of positive personal identity, which was reflected by my ability of eating consistently healthy foods, while being able to drink a good amount of water/other forms of hydration throughout the day, especially when exercising. I demonstrated the competency of personal responsibility in this way, by taking a few minutes after each day in the daily lifestyle tracker to honestly note my health down. It also reflects my social skills as I was able to effectively connect with friends, as evident on my daily trackers.

Computer Programming 11 Self Assessment

In Unit 4, we encountered various new concepts within the Graphics and Animation component of Computer Programming. One assignment which I found particularly interesting was the “Interactive Drawing Exercise”. At first, I considered the assignment to be quite challenging, and struggled to even come up with an idea for the project. After some thought, I decided to attempt creating a program that would draw the emotion of user based on their input, using turtle graphics and functions. At this time in the unit, we had not yet learned about key concepts such as recursive functions, list concatenation, and fruitful functions, which allow the program to be constructed in more efficient and condensed ways. As a result, the graphics for my code ended up being very long. After a considerable amount of coding, I got the program to work effectively and received full marks on the project. I did my best to follow all the criteria for the project, incorporating two different functions for the code. I think my code is well written and well organized with coding comments, algorithm, and docstrings.

I can experiment with different ways of doing things (Critical Thinking)
I build the skills I need to make my ideas work, and usually succeed, even if it takes a few tries (Creative Thinking)
I can ask open ended questions and gather information (Critical Thinking)

Math Self Assessment

By giving my full attention and building off of their in the classroom, I make a positive difference to my peers.

Examples of where I communicate clearly and purposefully can be seen in my methods of explaining difficult concepts to group members, when they need help.

When I need to boost my mood or re-focus, I usually work on math questions related to a topic I might require more practice in, as I find it to be relaxing and productive simultaneously.

An example of something I have spent a lot of time learning about is trigonometry, which involves the use of creative mathematical thinking as well as calculational ability.