Active Health Unit Core Competency Reflection

An example of one of my daily lifestyle trackers, in which I had a very good amount of exercise, excellent nutrition, and very good hydration throughout the day.

An example of a plate of food with a variety of fruits and vegetables, plenty of protein rich foods, and excellent whole grain options.

Considering my daily lifestyle tracker, I feel that I exceled at eating very nutritious food and burning the required amount of calories through various intensive physical activities. On the rest aspect, I am confident that I consistently get a good amount of sleep every night (usually 8-9 hours). For possible improvements, I think that I can work on being more social, especially with those I am unfamiliar with. Additionally, I can incorporate different types of sports into my exercising routine, rather than solely focusing on ‘racquet sports’. During this unit, I demonstrated the core competency of positive personal identity, which was reflected by my ability of eating consistently healthy foods, while being able to drink a good amount of water/other forms of hydration throughout the day, especially when exercising. I demonstrated the competency of personal responsibility in this way, by taking a few minutes after each day in the daily lifestyle tracker to honestly note my health down. It also reflects my social skills as I was able to effectively connect with friends, as evident on my daily trackers.

Hunger Games Mutation Project

My creation


Core Competency Reflection

  1. I can ask and respond to questions to be an active, supportive listener. This is true, as I am aware that asking questions is a vital part of the learning process. As a follow up to asking good questions like this, doing additional research to answer them is something which I do very well.
  2. I can work with others to achieve a goal. I feel that I have good communication skills, in that I can exchange ideas well with my group members, and give logically sound explanations regarding my thoughts. Initially, in our group, we faced some difficulties choosing an animal mutation to research and learn about. After some discussion about the benefits of each possibility, we decided on one which we all agreed with.
  3. I show others that I truly value their contributions by actively listening to what they have to say. In doing so, I become aware of ideas which I might have not considered previously, and encourage my group member by expanding on their contribution.
  4. Others find my feedback useful because I am quite detailed in what I say to them. I am usually quite blunt, making it easier for them to interpret what exactly I would like to know about. This allows us all to gain a more solid understanding of the idea and our approach towards it.

Advertisement Persuasion Project

My Advertisement

Persuasion and Advertisement Techniques

Persuasion and Advertisement Unit Reflection

Why is it important to remember who benefits from the advertisement when you view an advertisement?
It is important to remember who benefits from the advertisement so that you don’t get carried away when considering it for purchase. For example, if you are viewing an advertisement for a sports car, and are thinking of buying it, possibly due to its excellent persuasive methods, it is vital to first think about who actually needs it, and would therefore benefit greatly from the information in the advertisement.

Choose one form of persuasion and explain why it is effective in persuading you/an audience: logical, ethical, emotional on an audience.
I believe that the emotional method of persuasion is extremely effective in persuading an audience, largely because of its ability to connect with viewers’ feelings and deep thoughts. This can be done by enforcing feelings of guilt, excitement, or craving of some sort. For example, an advertisement portraying the lack of clean water in developing countries might have the audience feeling guilty, and obligated to do something regarding that matter.

Choose an advertising technique and explain why it is effective in selling a product.
The logical technique of advertising is effective in selling a product, as it is excellent in the aspect of listing significant features of a specific product, or the reasons why you should buy it. A particularly adequate use of this method is by using a technique called the ‘Salesman Technique’, in which you act in a supporting way towards another product, and ultimately persuade the audience why your product is even better.

Core Competency Reflection

When there was disagreement within the group, I found it helpful to look at all the ideas at hand, and persuade my partner why one idea was better than others. By doing this, we grow closer as classmates and learn more through the process of exploration. I try to listen to my partner’s ideas to the very most, however, I know that it is equally important that my ideas get heard, and that I have a say in group decisions.

One of the ways I ensured my group was clear on what we were doing was to divide the tasks and clarify who was researching what. This allowed us to focus on our own aspects of the project, whether it be creating a persuasive advertisement, or analyzing the details of a good advertisement.

When my group was not productive, we took small breaks in order to get things moving in the right direction. We found that we did more work when we took breaks in between the block, in order to keep our brains energetic when they were ‘overloaded’.

Math Self Assessment

By giving my full attention and building off of their in the classroom, I make a positive difference to my peers.

Examples of where I communicate clearly and purposefully can be seen in my methods of explaining difficult concepts to group members, when they need help.

When I need to boost my mood or re-focus, I usually work on math questions related to a topic I might require more practice in, as I find it to be relaxing and productive simultaneously.

An example of something I have spent a lot of time learning about is trigonometry, which involves the use of creative mathematical thinking as well as calculational ability.

ADL – Collaboration and Solutions for Financial Literacy

Data and Solutions

All-in cost: $800,000
Down-payment: 15% of All-in-cost -> $800,000 x 0.15 = $120,000
Current allocation: $80,000
Consistent yearly allocation: $10,000

Plan A:
$80,000 into a 3 year GIC, with 4.2% interest.
Year 1: $80,000 x 1.042 = $83,360
Year 2: $83,360 x 1.042 = $86,861.12
Year 3: $86,861.12 x 1.042 = $90,509.3
Invest the incoming $10,000 into a 1 year GIC, with 3.5% interest.
Year 1: $10,000 x 1.035 = $10,350
Year 2: ($10,350 + $10,000) x 1.035 = $21,062.25

Final Year: $90,509.3 + $21,062.25 + $10,000 = $121,571.55

Plan B:
$72,500 into a 3 year GIC, with 4.2% interest
Year 1: $72,500 x 1.042 = $75,545
Year 2: $75,545 x 1.042 = $78,717.9
Year 3: $78,717.9 x 1.042 = $82,024
$7500 into stocks, with no downturn, and 7.5%
Year 1: $7,500 x 1.075 = $8,062.5
Year 2: $8,062.5 x 1.075 = $8,667.19
Year 3: $8.667.2 x 1.075 = $9,317.23
Savings over 3 years: 3 x $10,000 = $30,000
Final Total: $82,024 + $9,317.23 + $30,000 =  $121,341.23

Plan C:

$72,500 into a 3 year GIC, with 4.2% interest
Year 1: $72,500 x 1.042 = $75,545
Year 2: $75,545 x 1.042 = $78,717.9
Year 3: $78,717.9 x 1.042 = $82,024
$7500 into stocks, with downturn; 7.5% and -6.9%
Year 1: $7,500 x 0.93 = $6,975
Year 2: $6,975 x 1.075 = $7,498.13
Year 3: $7498.12 x 1.075 = $8060.49
Savings over 3 years: 3 x $10,000 = $30,000
Final Total: $82,024 + $8060.49 + $30,000 =   $120,084.49


All three of the methods plans listed above ensure that you will have the satisfactory amount of money in order to make a 15% down payment. Even in the case of the stock market crashing, you will have more than enough money. This is extremely risky, and our group did not originally plan on considering it. I like to take calculated risks at times when there is nothing of massive financial concern, such as the case of Plan C. The scenarios explained have great returns, however, in the case of a potential emergency, the large amount of money invested in the GICs may not be withdrawn without the face of a large penalty, which could prove a major disadvantage in many cases. Also, the returns on the stock may not be as high as expected.

Collaboration and Communication

While performing various calculations and making collective decisions as a group, I was able to give interesting ideas and suggestions to my peers, while being an active listener, which involves enhancing your own thoughts based on the contributions of others. I listened to their ideas, and participated a fair amount in the process. I would award myself a 3.75/4 for my efforts, as I did not always agree with the slightly ‘conservative’ nature of my group members.

Core Competency Reflection

I can work with others to achieve a goal. In order to find the most effective way to attain a minimum of $40,000 over 3 years, we divided the tasks which needed to be completed among the group. By doing this, we established the jobs which each person need to complete, in order for our group to achieve our goal.

I can analyze evidence to make judgements. This assignment required quite a bit of ‘trial and error’, which meant going through the interesting process of trying various ideas, or in this case, scenarios. An example of this is that I predicted that simply using a 1 year GIC or 3 year GIC on their own would not be enough. This led us to experimenting with stocks, which was something we had originally not thought of doing.

I can tell the difference between facts and opinions. One thing which my group members were taking into account was the sheer risk of investing in stocks. This seemed like both a fact and opinion. In our case, we would be considering a scenario in which there would either be no crashing, or only one year of the stock crashing. In this way, it became evident that stocks would actually fetch us more money than we originally had, not making it risky.

I can take on roles and responsibilities in a group; I do my share. When we were deciding who in our group would do what task, I actively took initiative to complete my job in the most efficient way possible. When other group members where struggling to grasp their task, I was able to provide assistance as well.