Active Health Unit Core Competency Reflection

An example of one of my daily lifestyle trackers, in which I had a very good amount of exercise, excellent nutrition, and very good hydration throughout the day.

An example of a plate of food with a variety of fruits and vegetables, plenty of protein rich foods, and excellent whole grain options.

Considering my daily lifestyle tracker, I feel that I exceled at eating very nutritious food and burning the required amount of calories through various intensive physical activities. On the rest aspect, I am confident that I consistently get a good amount of sleep every night (usually 8-9 hours). For possible improvements, I think that I can work on being more social, especially with those I am unfamiliar with. Additionally, I can incorporate different types of sports into my exercising routine, rather than solely focusing on ‘racquet sports’. During this unit, I demonstrated the core competency of positive personal identity, which was reflected by my ability of eating consistently healthy foods, while being able to drink a good amount of water/other forms of hydration throughout the day, especially when exercising. I demonstrated the competency of personal responsibility in this way, by taking a few minutes after each day in the daily lifestyle tracker to honestly note my health down. It also reflects my social skills as I was able to effectively connect with friends, as evident on my daily trackers.

Computer Programming 11 Final Reflection

Throughout this course, we have explored many topics within computer programming, more specifically in the language of Python. In Unit 7, however, we discovered how to use Circuit Playground devices with Arduino. In this Unit, an assignment that particularly challenged and intrigued me was the “mini project” assignment, in which we were required to make an application utilizing a minimum of 3 of the board’s features. For my project, I decided to simple ‘Sun detector’, which would display red Neo Pixels when placed in areas with increased brightness and temperature (hence detecting a sun-like object), and display blue Neo Pixels when placed in areas with lower brightness and temperature. To do this, I used the temperature sensor, light sensor, and neo pixels output display methods. I began by researching the ways I could input these features into my project, and how they could be as useful as possible. Originally, I set the minimum temperature detection to be 20 degrees, but realized that the room was much colder than that, and reset it to 10 degrees, which seemed to be just right. In the process of creating the project, however, I did not remember to add proper commenting and documentation, which is something that I would like to take away from this project. Always plan your code out, and make things as easy to read and interpret as possible!

I can experiment with different ways of doing things.
I can explore materials and actions.
I can implement, monitor, and adjust a plan and assess the results.

Facing a Challenge

The first time I tried this problem I found it challenging because of how complicated it seemed, due to the large number of words in the question. I consider the question to be a very interesting question, however, as there are a few different variables, and it is formatted in the form of a word problem.

When I first attempted to solve the problem, I ran into some issues when performing the task of squaring both sides, which was necessary in the removing of the radical and simplifying the question. In trying to do this step, I failed to remember to square the π, and therefore ended up with an answer drastically different from the one in the workbook.

When I was stuck on this problem, I read the question carefully in my mind and made a list consisting of the most important information which was in the problem, such as the equation and the given variables. I also used my notes to see if there was a conceptual mistake in my way of thinking. Additionally, I asked a peer how they approached the question, and considered the problem using their methods. By using these strategies while attempting the problem a second time, I was able to effectively solve for the correct solution.

While solving this problem, I needed to remember how to interpret a word problem and use the given information properly. Order of operations (Bedmas), the FOIL technique, and knowing how to remove radicals from an equation were also important concepts for solving this question. Since it was formatted as a word problem, another useful strategy I used was to cross out any irrelevant words in the wording of the question, which effectively made the problem more clear.

Next time I encounter a difficult problem, I will first consider the given information and see how it will help me solve the problem. For example, this could include any easily variables or formulas/equations, such as the one in this problem (t = 2π√L ÷g). Additionally, I will recall previous concepts which apply to the problem by looking at my notes and useful videos related to the topic if necessary.

Rube Goldberg – Edublog Reflection

Over the course of this engaging project, I effectively used my creative thinking abilities, when designing it with my partner. In doing so, I also trained myself to be able to work more efficiently during group work, as we both need to agree on how to project would work. We did this by requesting each other to bring the necessary materials to build it. In the end, our project was successful in its task of knocking down a cardboard tube.

Core Competency Self-Assessment

Critical & Reflective Thinking

Steve Jobs once said, ‘If you look very closely, most overnight successes took a long time.’ How can this quote be applied to your long-term goals?

This quote can be applied to my long-term goals in the form of education. For example, if you would like to get a good a job in the future, it is important to show good results, both at school and outside of school. By starting to work hard early in this fashion, it makes it much easier to achieve your goals in the long-term. And of course, the 12 years of school and few years of university is an extended amount of time. Additionally, if I decided to adapt the most useful skills to be successful (especially in higher education), that would be an added advantage.

I can think “outside the box” to get innovative ideas and persevere to develop them. I believe that simply thinking about something in a ‘disciplinary’ fashion is not of sufficient significance when it comes to creating successful ideas. Thinking about something differently is always great, and I have always tried to implement this in school subjects as well.

Core Competency Goals – Adi

I am a strong student who is dedicated to a good education. – This year, I would like to continue to maintain high academic standards for myself by completing all of my work on time, and to the best of my ability. By doing this, I will receive As in all my classes.

I can help others effectively. – Watching informational videos and reading books of great knowledge is an excellent way to learn. Helping others when necessary is also an awesome way to teach someone something you know, while reinforcing current skills. I plan to help people in my classes throughout the year in this way.

I would like to get better at sports. – Since there are many strong athletes at Centennial, I would like to use this wonderful opportunity to engage in sports at the school, especially ones which I have never done before. This way, I will get better even at sports which I might not be particularly fond of.