Core Competency Self-Assignment

Social Responsibility & Awareness in BCA 12

I demonstrated social responsibility and awareness when I was playing a game of Telestration with my class. It demonstrated that I can interact with others and the environment respectfully and thoughtfully. Through that game, I was able to build a positive connection with my class because we found amusement in what we were drawing. It helped strengthen the relationship between my classmates and me since we were sharing a bit of ourselves in those pictures. We valued the diversity in our perspectives that led to each of us creating a different interpretation of the original word that was used, and we were all respectful of the art that each person created. This resulted in the classroom feeling like an inclusive place for everybody, and helped us sustain healthy relationships with each other. From this activity, I learnt how to work with people that were not familiar to me. This is important because there are many times in life when you have to do something with someone that you do not know well.


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