Today in foods class we made our own California rolls! We started by rinsing the rice under water and then cooking it on the stove for about 10 minutes. Next we cut up peppers, cucumber and avocado into very thin slices, as well as diced the crab before mixing it with mayo. Once the rice had been cooked and then cooled we then started to roll our sushi. We spread seaweed and a thin layer of rice overtop before putting the veggies and crab in the middle of the sushi. We then carefully and highly rolled the sushi together with sushi rollers. Once the sushi had been rolled we then cut it into 8 pieces. This sushi tasted amazing, and exactly like it was from a sushi restaurant. I would give it a 7/10 for nutrition because it is about the same nutrition as normal sushi is. I would definitely make and eat this sushi again because it was surprisingly easy to make and it tasted so fresh and looked really colourful.


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