Mango no bake cheese cake

My family loves cheese cake! I decided to take on a challenge and attempt to make a cheese cake and I didn’t regret that decision. I usually don’t like cheese cake, myself, but this cake was exquisite. First I did the crumb layer of the cake and patted it down. I then mixed whipping cream, cream cheese and mango pure. I also needed white chocolate chips but the grocery store only had cookies and cream chocolate chips so I used those. After that I had to make the gelatin mixture so for that I mixed gelatin powder and warm water together. I added the mixture to the whipping cream mixture and layered it on top of the crumb coat. I had to put it in fridge for at least 12 hours but it ended up being over 24 hours. Before eating it, I added cut mango to the top in the shape of a flower and I put some mango pulp inside it. Everyone enjoyed the cake and it didn’t last long. definitely one of my favorite desserts I’ve ever made! The finish look of the cake makes me feel like a cheese cake I could’ve purchased at a store.


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