Facing a Challenge

The first time I tried this problem I found it challenging because of how complicated it seemed, due to the large number of words in the question. I consider the question to be a very interesting question, however, as there are a few different variables, and it is formatted in the form of a word problem.

When I first attempted to solve the problem, I ran into some issues when performing the task of squaring both sides, which was necessary in the removing of the radical and simplifying the question. In trying to do this step, I failed to remember to square the π, and therefore ended up with an answer drastically different from the one in the workbook.

When I was stuck on this problem, I read the question carefully in my mind and made a list consisting of the most important information which was in the problem, such as the equation and the given variables. I also used my notes to see if there was a conceptual mistake in my way of thinking. Additionally, I asked a peer how they approached the question, and considered the problem using their methods. By using these strategies while attempting the problem a second time, I was able to effectively solve for the correct solution.

While solving this problem, I needed to remember how to interpret a word problem and use the given information properly. Order of operations (Bedmas), the FOIL technique, and knowing how to remove radicals from an equation were also important concepts for solving this question. Since it was formatted as a word problem, another useful strategy I used was to cross out any irrelevant words in the wording of the question, which effectively made the problem more clear.

Next time I encounter a difficult problem, I will first consider the given information and see how it will help me solve the problem. For example, this could include any easily variables or formulas/equations, such as the one in this problem (t = 2π√L ÷g). Additionally, I will recall previous concepts which apply to the problem by looking at my notes and useful videos related to the topic if necessary.


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