cooking at home family traditions

I made peanut butter bon bons, they are rice krispies peanut butter and chocolate. They taste like chocolate, they look like chocolate meatballs, they smell like semi sweet chocolate. My Mom, Gramma and I always make these along with lots of other baked good at Christmas time. The tradition started with my Gramma and my Great Gramma. The meaning behind it is I love baking at Christmas time it is always so fun. It is the same meaning for the rest of my family. The best part of this tradition is eating it all at the end. A challenge I came across was dipping them in chocolate, it was a slow and difficult process. My greatest success was the end product because they were very tasty. I am most proud that I did this by myself because it usually is a team effort.

Cooking at home week two (27-3)

I made rice and quinoa pilaf with carrots, celery and onion, as well as balsamic vinegar parmesan green beans and chicken with soy sauce, brown sugar and garlic. The chicken looked golden with chard lined from the bbq, the rice looked like rice and the green beans looked evenly coated with balsamic vinegar. The chicken smelled sweet and savoury, the rice smelled like carrots and celery, the green beans smelled like balsamic. The chicken tasted sweet and savory, the rice tasted like rice with carrots and celery, the green beans tasted to strongly like balsamic. The chicken sounded crispy, the rice sounded soft, the green beans sounded squeaky. I didn’t feel any of it because I used a fork. I didn’t use a recipe but I did get some help from my mom on what to do next a few times, but other than that I made it up. If I was going to make this dish again I would put less balsamic in the green beans it was too strong. A challenge I faced was not knowing how to bbq, I overcame this by getting my dad to help me. My greatest success with this dish was the rice quinoa pilaf, I had never made this before and i ended up really liking it. I am most proud of the chicken because I liked learning how to make it.

cooking at home week one

For my second cooking at home dish I made fish tacos, using cod, homemade coleslaw and mayo chipotle sauce. it smelled like fried fish, it looked crispy and golden, it sounded crunchy, it tasted like fried fish and creamy avocado, It felt like a tortilla. I made this recipe up. If I was going to make this dish again I would do a different sauce on the coleslaw.Something I overcame with this dish was struggling to fry the fish, because I had never done that before, I overcame that by getting help. My greatest success with this dish was making and preparing the fish, because it was fun and new. I am most proud of doing most of it by myself, because it was fun to be cooking more independently.

cooking at home 20-26

I made leftover rice then mixed it with leftover sausage and veggies. The food tasted like soy sauce, it smelled like grilled sausage, it didn’t really sound like anything, it looked like the picture, I didn’t feel it with my hands I used a fork. I made up this dish. If I was going to make this again I would use a different selection of veggies. A challenge I overcame was not having a wide selection of food in my fridge to choose from. My greatest accomplishment with this dish was finding things to make it from. I am most proud of the final product, I liked it.


During the egg lab there was not really as much communication as normal because it was a solo lab and we didn’t need to be working with people as much. The lab went well for me because i enjoy making eggs and I love sunny side up eggs especially. I think that communication is important in the kitchen so the people working don’t get annoyed with each other or get in each other’s way. Good communication looks like talking to each other and asking for something if you need it or helping out your group members. some problems that could occur if communication is poor are things like getting mad at each other and getting in each other’s way. a way to solve these things is communicate.

Safety and sanitation

The first lab that we did was cookies and that lab was interesting because, it was our first time cooking together. some challenges we had were, we were all kinda frantic and confused trying to find everything in the drawers, and I hadn’t eaten yet that morning, and when we were almost done the lab, and all we had left to do was clean up, I started feeling lightheaded and nauseous, and I unfortunately had to leave early. some successes we faced in the lab were, we worked well together and I was told the cookies turned out well. It is important to know about safety and sanitation because it makes the kitchen a safe place. Free of bacteria and unsafe situations. You can prevent these situations by making sure to clean up everything and put everything back into the fridge if needed.

My most memorable food experience

My most memorable food experience was in the summer. We where in Tofino, and we got up at 5:30 and went on a fishing charter just me and my family we caught 3 salmon and 1 rockcod. When we got back to the campsite we grabbed a bunch of supplies and went down to the beach and made a little fire in the sand and cooked one salmon and the rockcod, we ate it with garlic bread and a ton of butter. When it started to get darker out more and more little fires started to pop up all the way down this massive beach, it was amazing.

This is a photo of the fish me made on the beach.