About Me

My Bio

Hi My name is Madison and i am in grade nine here at centennial secondary. My best courses this year are Science, Math and Food studies and my challenging courses this year are Socials studies and Spanish. when i’m having difficulty with something i will try to understand it myself first if that doesn’t work then i will ask my peers for help or ask my teacher. Finally some words that describe me are Wild, Kind, Honest and Brave.

My Favourite Image

I choose this picture because it is my from my favourite series Glee. It’s the ending of their final episode in season 6 and it just makes me happy whenever i see it.

My Favourite Website


I enjoy visiting site because i always shop here and they have great and large selection of clothing for women , But it’s a little expensive but worth it.

My Favourite Quote

“Try to be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud” -Maya Angelou

This is important to me because any one cold be having a rough day but by simply smiling or saying “Hi” and asking how they’re doing could make someones day and put a rainbow in their cloud.

My Favourite Video

this video is from glee singing “Don’t stop Believin'” and this helps me with my goal to be on the HPL team for soccer. This song tells me that i should not give up or believe that my goals over if i make a mistake in soccer. This tells me that i should work hard and have a positive attitude every practice and game and when so, good things will happen.







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