Greek Week!

When we started foods class I was so looking forward to greek week at school! Making greek at home was still a great experience for my cooking abilities, but I know at school it would’ve been so much better! This was definitely the most challenging foods lab I’ve done yet. I made all 6 dishes in one day, where at school we make it over the course of a week. It was very stressful for me having so many dishes on the go at one time, but I managed and made a delicious meal for my family. For the greek meal made Chicken Souvlaki, roasted potatoes, Tzatziki sauce, Greek salad, homemade pita bread and Kourabiedes for desert. I started my process in the morning, making the chicken and letting it marinate all day in its sauce. I then made my pita dough so I could let it sit and rise for the day. I then made the Kourabiedes, which are a Mexican style christmas cookie. The cookies were a easy recipe and did not take much time at all to make. Once all the my “prep work” was done, I started the harder stuff. I started my potatoes in the late afternoon, which were a relatively easy recipe, but I was worried all the flavours I desired wouldn’t come through once I baked them! Once the potatoes were in the oven, I started my Chicken souvlaki. I decided to do my chicken on skewers like I always have them at My Greek Restaurant. I Put my chicken in with the potatoes, and started the easier things; cooking the pitas, greek salad and tzatziki. The last hour of cooking I was really juggling putting the finishing touch on everything and making sure it was all staying warm. I realized how much work I put in to the meal once it was all set on the table. The different colours of the dishes was so beautiful, and because your eyes eat first, I was sooo excited to Dig in! My meal was absolutely amazing. All the greek flavours really came through in each dish, especially the tzatziki and potatoes, which were my favourite parts of the meal. The homemade pitas were 100x better than the store bought ones, and ally family members agreed with that. I rated this a 5/5 and will definitely be making it again. It was such a wholesome meal having everything made from scratch and was something I was so proud to serve my family:)


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