Chicken Delight

For my second Home cooking lab, I made chicken delight. This recipe is really special to me as my nana used to make it and then she passed the recipe on to my mom, and now I am making it! This recipe is something totally strange that you would never think would work, but it has been in my family for decades now and we make it all the time! This was my first time actually making this recipe that I have been eating since I was super young and I had no idea how weird it was. For this dish I oven baked in the chicken in a sauce that consists of three ingredients. For me I had no idea how weird and easy this sauce would be as it consists of Ketchup, honey and soya sauce. The chicken in the sauce was super easy to make and I served it with rice, steamed carrots and steamed broccoli. Surprisingly the challenge for me in this lab was cooking the rice. I always have troubles cooking rice as it often burns when I make it because I never add enough water. This time, my mom was home to help me so she helped me add the perfect amount of water and left the rest of the cooking to me. My rice didn’t burn for the first time, which was a huge success for me. When I took my chicken out of the oven I could smell the sweet sauce I have known for so long and I was so excited to eat it. This classic dish in my family brought so much joy to everyone when I served it on the table. The chicken was super tender and juicy, and the sauce thick and sweet (just how its supposed to be.) Normally we serve the chicken with potatoes, but I decided to serve it on rice and it was even better than on potatoes! I LOVE this meal and so did my family, and I can’t wait to keep making it and hopefully pass the recipe down to my kids some day. 🙂