Gluten free Waffles

For my fourth home lab, I made gluten free waffles which I served with bacon. I chose this recipe because my mom cannot eat gluten so I decided to make a recipe that she could enjoy! Making gluten free waffles is just like making normal waffles, but using gluten free flour. I used my waffle iron to make the waffles, which gave them the light and fluffy texture desired. both leavening agents (baking soda and baking powder) were present in this recipe, which help it rise and take its big round shape. Something I had to be careful with was how hot the waffle iron got and how that heat made it difficult to get the waffles out of the iron. Because the waffles were missing the gluten which makes them elasticly and holds everything together, I was struggling with getting the waffles out of the iron in one piece. The waffles fell apart super easily and it made them hard to present. Making gluten free waffles from scratch and not from a mix makes them taste the exact same as normal waffles, just a slightly different texture. My mom really liked how they turned out and said that “they were some of the best gluten free waffles” that she had ever eaten! I also really enjoyed the waffles and rated them a 3/5, just because they didn’t stay together so well and had a different texture than im used to. I will not be making the waffles for myself again because I like regular flour but I will definitely make them for my mom again!:)