Breakfast Hash

For our last lab before spring break, we made a breakfast hash. Since we had a break coming up, there were lots of ingredients left in the fridge which would go to waste unless we used them and hash is a dish that you can really throw whatever you want in and it will work, so we were able to utilize so many things that could’ve gone to waste. This was a super efficient way to use ingredients that could’ve gone to waste and make a delicious meal. In our hash we used eggs, turnip, potato, bacon, pepper, onion and garlic. We had to par cook our potatoes and turnips before adding them to the onions, so that they would cook all the way through and get crispy in the hash. My partner and I decided to par cook our turnips and potatoes in the microwave, versus boiling them and it was not the most efficient move. The microwave removed the moisture from the vegetables, but it did not cook them enough, so they were not cooked enough in our hash. I had a new partner for this lab, so it felt different being in a new unit and working with someone I don’t know very well, but we worked well together! I do not love hash to start with, so this was not one of my favourite dishes. It felt thrown together to me and that the ingredients did not match very well together. I rated this dish a 2.5/5 as I felt it lacked flavour and the vegetables needed to be in bigger chunks, so they aren’t so small and hard to get on your fork. I would not make this dish again as it felt random and I would rather eat each item in the hash individually.