Chicken Stir Fry

For my third home cooking assignment, I made a chicken stir fry served over rice. This is a dish my mom often makes for me on dance nights, because its easy and hits many of the food groups. Some safety in this lab was knife and stovetop. Another thing to be cautious with when cooking chicken is any cross contamination. To start my stir fry I made sure my chicken was completely cooked through. I had onions, carrots, pepper, broccoli and snow peas in my stir fry. Once I was certain my chicken had no pink, I added my veggies starting with the onions, cooking them in the sweet stir fry sauce I made from scratch. I needed to make sure that the veggies were tender enough to eat, which called for cooking them in the sauce for quite some time. A big skill used with this meal is patience when waiting for the veggies to reach the right texture. The sauce was simple and its product standards were to be sweet and flavourful. I served my stir fry over rice, which is the most common way to serve it, which makes it a super colourful dish with all the veggies contrasting with the white of the rice. This was a super easy meal to prep and make and would be a great one for any busy week night! I rate this a 5/5 because of the authentic asian flavours and how balanced it was. I will for sure be making it again!


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