Butter chicken

For my 5th Home cooking lab, I decided to make a family favorite, butter chicken. My family has always loved butter chicken ever since we got into it a couple years ago at a wedding, but we have never actually made it ourselves. I decided I would attempt this traditional Indian dish at a time when my family could use some comfort food. Butter chicken is a relatively easy recipe but it requires a lot of taste and seasoning. This lab required Stove top and knife safety. I would say butter chicken is a fairly healthy meal, as it has a grain, a meat and vegetables. This dish is a healthy dinner or lunch food because it is so balanced, with the chicken and chick peas for meat and alternatives, rice as a grain, onions, tomato sauce as Vegetables. It is a balanced meal that leaves you very full. I found this recipe is super difficult, just because I was working with spices that I had never worked with before, and cooking dishes from a culture I have never been super immersed in. Lots of what I worked with I was not sure what it tasted like on its own and how much to add so it would be perfectly seasoned. I had to follow a recipe that gave me super exact measurements on all the spices, just so I could make sure our butter chicken was perfect. The butter chicken turned out amazing, it was perfectly seasoned, the chicken and chickpeas were cooked to perfection, and all the flavours came to life. My family was so happy when they found out I was making butter chicken for dinner, as it is one of everyone’s favourite food and it brought so much joy to everyone in such a hard time. My family and I agreed that we would definitely make this dish again and rated it a five out of five. If you were looking for a balanced recipe, that is super filling and has a variety of flavours in it, butter chicken is for you! 🙂