Chocolate Lava Cake

This week I made a delicious and simple desert, the chocolate lava cake. Chocolate lava cakes are basically flour-less cake, consisting of butter, chocolate and sugar. My cake was super rich with a liquidy, melty centre. This was my first time making chocolate lava cake, and I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was! Presentation is a huge factor when serving these cakes, as the cake itself is pretty plain looking, so you must dress it up! I challenged myself to creatively decorate my cake so it looked nicely presentable. I garnished the cake with a chocolate covered strawberry, sifted powdered sugar and a smear of chocolate ganache sauce I also made. Another challenge I had was working with only 1 ramekin, so I had to alternate baking each cake. I ate one of my cakes (which was amazing!) and I brought the other one to my best friend. She loved the cake as well and described it to be “magical” “rich” and that it “melted in her mouth.” Some safety needed in this lab were; oven and electric mixer. I rated this a 5/5 as it was just as good as the lava cakes from Cactus Club, which is my favourite desert! I will totally be making this again as it is so simple and something impressive to serve when having people over!


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