Parmesan and spinach Risotto

Risotto was made out to me to be quick and simple, but it was anything but that. I really found risotto to be very challenging and a very hands on dish to make. I have never made anything like Risotto, a cheesy Italian rice. I watched many videos in how to make risotto because I had no experience in it and one of my biggest take aways, that became really helpful in my cooking was that once you add the arborio rice to the oil you must wait until you hear the rice “clicking.” Once I heard these clicks, I knew that I was okay to start adding my wine. I used the wine the recipe had called for, but I was worried that the alcohol wouldn’t reduce enough and we would have a strong alcoholic taste. Luckily the wine taste reduced down when I started adding the chicken broth and the risotto started coming together! I felt that the rice was turning out to be watery and not creamy enough, until I added the cheese which really brought out the desired creaminess. I personally do not love the taste of parmesan, so the rice was not my favourite dish to eat. My family on the other hand really enjoyed the rice as they are big fans of cheese. I rate this dish a 2/5 as I feel it does not have much nutrition to it and I did not like the flavours at all. I probably won’t make the risotto again, unless my family would like to eat it again.